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How much space do you need?
I will need a space of about 10 x 10 to set up my back drop. I usually have the kids sit on the floor out in front of me.
Can you perform outdoors?
Yes I can providing the weather is good with no wind. Otherwise it is best to have a plan B inside area available.
Is the show clean and age appropriate?
Yes Yes Yes, I entertain your kids as if I were entertaining my own. I will never say or do anything mean or disrespectful to anyone.
​This show is geared towards kids 10 and under and their families. You know best if your kids will enjoy this type of show.
Can you perform without the live animals?
Yes I can but I prefer not to since animals really add a lot of excitement to the party. But there are plenty of exciting segments even without the animals. I can provide balloons and kazoos instead of animals if requested.
Can the children hold the animals?

Although all of my animals are very tame and used to children, I only allow them to pet the animals. I do not permit any children to hold any animals.

Do I need to provide anything for you?
No I will bring everything I need with me, but I do need access to electricity.
How much time do you need to set up?

It is important that I set up early before any kids arrive so as not to spoil any of their big surprises. I like to set up at least an hour and 1/2 early if possible.

What kind's of animals do you have?
The animals I use in the show sometimes vary and are all friendly pets : Dove, Bunny, Ferret, Rat, Chinchilla, etc. Never anything scary.
How long does the show last?

The show usually lasts about 40 minutes depending on how many kids are present.